Make Your Mark  - Gold Lettering

Gold Lettering

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This is your chance to make something your own with any of our Signature bracelet colors.

Sold as a single bracelet, you may choose to personalize this bracelet with initials, a name or another word of your choice. Each bracelet also includes round gold beads in between initials or on the outside of a name. IMPORTANT: For style and quality purposes, each personalized bracelet can only include up to 9 total beads including characters and gold beads. (see below for additional instructions)

These letter beads are white with gold letters, and characters include letters and numbers, as well as a # or heart symbol.

-For initials, please list with hyphens, for example: M-E-L (This would be a total of 5 personalized beads (3 letters and 2 gold beads in between the initials.  The hyphens will not be part of the bracelet). 

-For names, please list without hyphens, for example: JACK  (This would be a total of 6 personalized beads (4 letters and a gold bead on each end).

-If requesting the # symbol, please spell out the words (number symbol) and for the heart symbol, please spell out the word (heart).

Personalized bracelets cannot be returned/exchanged.  If your total characters/beads are greater than 9, there will be a delay with your order. Please note, we strongly encourage our customers not to wear their jewelry when swimming or showering/bathing.  Oils on the skin such as makeup, sunless tanners, lotions and perspiration, as well as moisture and sunlight can also contribute to discoloration.